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Some young people have a few wrinkles, but sagging skin mostly happens as a result of aging. If you’re troubled by jowls, turkey neck, or a gaunt look, the aesthetic professionals at MoodSpa in Washington, DC can tighten your skin with CynoSure®’s state-of-the-art TempSure™ Envi system. Led by expert physician and aesthetician Dr. Mahmoud M. Mustafa (aka Dr. Moody), the MoodSpa team rejuvenates your skin so that it’s tighter and more lifted. To book a skin-tightening session with Envi, contact MoodSpa by phone, or by using their online form.

Skin Tightening Q & A

Why does my skin sag?

Sagging skin is the result of a complicated process that involves the loss of fat, muscle, bone, and the key building blocks of your skin, collagen, and elastin.

Collagen is a protein that forms the matrix of your skin, lending it support and firmness. Elastin is an elastic protein that makes your skin resilient and able to “snap back” into position after it’s been pinched or pulled.

When collagen and elastin break down as a result of aging and sun exposure, your skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity, and your face and neck may droop and sag.  

How can I fix my sagging skin?

At MoodSpa, your aesthetic professional uses the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy in the Envi system to create a non-surgical facelift that tightens skin.

Envi safely and painlessly delivers RF energy to the deep inner layers of your skin, heating them and forcing the collagen to contract. That stimulates your body to repair your skin with new, rejuvenating collagen and elastin.

How long does Envi take to work?

Collagen remodeling takes several months. You’ll need four to six 30- to 60-minute treatments, each followed by about a month before the next.

As your body produces more collagen, your skin will gain strength and resilience. You may even notice an improvement in your skin quality after your first treatment, but your skin will continue to remodel and tighten for up to six months.

Does skin tightening with Envi hurt?

“Entirely pain-free” is how 99% of men and women who received skin tightening with Envi described the procedure. Envi uses advanced technology that allows your MoodSpa pro to regulate the temperature of your skin and make sure your treatment is comfortable.

If you’re worried about pain, or nervous about your first Envi treatment, Dr. Moody or another team member can numb your skin with an anesthetic cream before your treatment. You can also take over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate any unlikely discomfort.

How long does skin tightening with Envi last?

Once you’ve had four to six skin-tightening treatments and Envi has rejuvenated your skin, the benefits can last for months or even years. But because we all continue to age, Dr. Moody recommends touch-up treatments every year.

Get a non-surgical facelift with Envi at MoodSpa today. You can book your appointment online or call the welcoming MoodSpa team.