Mahmoud H. Mustafa, MD, FACP

Aesthetic Physician located in West End, Washington, DC

About Mahmoud H. Mustafa, MD, FACP

Above all else, aesthetic specialist, Mahmoud H. Mustafa, MD, FACP values the long-lasting friendships he forms with the men and women who come to him for help. In both his private medical practice and his MoodSpa, Dr. “Moody” believes in bringing you the most cutting-edge technology and procedures available in an atmosphere that’s both comfortable and “cool.”

Dr. Moody’s twin passions for aesthetics and science took root at an early age. Perhaps he was inspired by the sight of the great pyramids of Gaza, which lay just 10 minutes from his birthplace. A Maryland resident since the age of seven, Dr. Moody earned his bachelor of arts at Johns Hopkins University in Bethesda in 1978. He then moved on to George Washington School of Medicine in Washington, DC, where he received his MD in 1982.

After completing an internal medicine residency and a fellowship in hematology, Dr. Moody opened his private medical practice in 1989. Around the same time, he devoted himself seriously to photography. Through his art, he tries to capture and preserve the beauty of ordinary fleeting moments that others overlook.

Opening MoodSpa has allowed Dr. Moody to combine his highly developed skills as a physician with his passion for beauty and art. At MoodSpa, he takes great satisfaction in helping each client achieve the look of their dreams.

In his spare time, Dr. Moody devotes himself to photography. He works tirelessly for the Metropolis Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization he established to raise funds to support local and national AIDS causes. He is also a pop-culture and art fanatic who enjoys everything from opera to football. Go, Redskins!